Linzy Production Company is a woman owned small business, founded by Michelle Linzy, a video, film, movie director, and producer, with over 30+ years of experience in the entertainment industry.

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Live performance

We are a full-service video production company. We work as a production partner with agencies and as a full creative video production company for direct clients. We create creative concepts, write scripts, film with our in-house crew and take the project through post-production including color grading and audio mastering.

Corporate Video

We create amazing looking corporate videos that your audience wants to watch. We utilize the same equipment and skill as we do on larger commercial projects to make your video stand out and be truly unique.

Social Media

We produce eye-catching social videos that make your audience stop scrolling and start watching and engaging with your content. We cracked the magical social formula for effective content for many of our clients that achieve high-engagement and lots of views.

Commercials & Promos

Our team of directors and editors create highly effective great looking commercials from start to finish. We all have an advertising agency background, which makes working with us a breeze.

Our Strength

lies in seamlessly integrating your brand objectives in entertaining video content.

Woman Owned. Small Business.

We are passionate about social justice, and we work hard to empower women, minorities, and young people to thrive in the production industry.